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A team of Turkish researchers think they have found new insights into the possible grave of the real man who inspired the Christmas icon.

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Beneath the mosaic-covered floor of a church in Turkey's southern Antalya province, Turkish archaeologists have conducted scans they believe indicate the presence of a previously unknown tomb. The church is located in the Demre district of Antalya, the same region in which St. Nicholas is believed to have been born and lived during the fourth century. Tradition holds that St Nicholas was famous for giving aid and gifts to the poor.

Over the years, his reputation as a generous saint persisted and he began to be called "Sinterklaas" in the Netherlands.

Archaeologists claim to have found the possible grave of the real saint, but many questions linger.

You can thank 19th century author Washington Irving for the modern portrayal of St. Nicholas that persists today. Read more about Santa's evolution here. Traditionally, it was believed that the bones of St. Nicholas were stolen by Italian sailors during the 11th century. Demre—called Myra in ancient times—was occupied by Arab forces during this period. And the stolen bones were believed to have been taken to the crypt of the Basilica di San Nicola on the southeast coast of Italy.

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Then, in , a team of archaeologists claimed the Mediterranean island of Gemile was the saint's final resting place. They came to this conclusion based on circumstantial evidence, namely that the island had been called St. Nicholas by sailors, archaeological remains dated to the 4th century, and that ruins there suggest a processional burial. Under this theory, archaeologists believe the bones were moved to Myra to evade a 7th century Arab fleet.

Convinced they were buried at the Basilica di San Nicola, however, Turkish archaeologists demanded the Italian government return the bones in , which they did not do.

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In order to truly determine what lies beneath the floors of the Demre church, archaeologists would need to remove an intricate mosaic tile by tile. Antiquities officials from Antalya's Monument Authority have called for archaeologists to assist in excavating what the scans promise could be a major find—but what skeptics are saying is only proven to be patches of hollow earth beneath the floor.

As a saint, his physical remains are considered relics, and are thus venerated by the Catholic Church. Dec 05, Calista rated it really liked it Shelves: sub-snow , series , bage-children , holiday , myth-folktale-fable , want-to-own , genre-comedy , series-unfinished , , genre-fantasy. Turkey makes me laugh. I love his costumes he dresses up as and I love the puns in the book. My favorite pun in this book is an elf saying to turkey. Another good one is the last page. Turkey serves pizza for Christmas dinner. Turkey has to go all the way to the North pole to see Santa to tell him his wish is to not be the Turkey dinner.

I tell you what, the poor farmers who own that turkey eat a lot of Turkey makes me laugh.

Turkey Claus

I tell you what, the poor farmers who own that turkey eat a lot of pizza. The kids love these books too now and they love to see what Turkey is going to dress up like. I think this is our 3rd Turkey book to read. It gets a laugh out of the kids. They both gave this book a unanimous 4 stars.

View all 4 comments. Dec 10, Maria Waltner rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. I loved the way Turkey would say "gobble, gobble, gobble" like it was either a curse word or just him grumbling. I loved the clever way the elves used the language - "Snow way are you getting in to see Santa!

inpadisplusttu.tk The elves look so goofy and Turkey's disguises are adorable and silly. It's very cute, clever and original. I really enjoyed it.

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View all 3 comments. Nov 26, Kristen Dutkiewicz rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens. Turkey is trying to find his way to Santa by disguising himself as other popular Christmas ideas such as a present, candy cane, or even Mrs. Great storyline and fun illustrations on every page.

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Nov 19, Joella www. So, I think this is a hilarious book! If I had read this a little earlier and if I had shared it with kiddos I would have wanted to dress up like the turkey in this book dressing up like a Christmas Tree so he wouldn't be eaten on Christmas Day. Such a funny picture!

Yeah, I laughed out loud. Pizza on Earth I love Wendi Silvano! Another great book written by the author and it's fun for kids and adults. You can't go wrong this author! The second book doesn't disappoint. It follows the same structure as its previous book. This one has the Christmas cheer and turkey's cleverness. I like the creative play on different Christmas words.

The book is delightful. Very interesting and different "Christmas" book than the others. After reading many, many Christmas books many of which are the same thing just written a bit different. This was a nice change. Turkey is relieved that he made it through Thanksgiving until he over hears the couple say they want turkey for Christmas dinner!

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So he sets out to save himself for Christmas too. And whomelse does one turn to for Christmas help? Santa Claus of course. But it's Christmas Eve and the elves won't allow him t Very interesting and different "Christmas" book than the others. But it's Christmas Eve and the elves won't allow him to see the big guy on his busyness day of the year. This is a fun and creative storybook; illustrations are great as well. My adult special needs son giggled as he watched the pictures as I read it to him out loud. Nov 07, Angela rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books.

For kids and parents who have already read this duo's Turkey Trouble the punchline to this story won't be quite as funny but, as before, the story is cute and the artwork humorous. Full of all the elements of Christmas, Turkey has some rich choices for disguises to try to get in to see Santa for help.

He takes a stab at everything from elves to candy canes my favorite being wearing a large, decorated traffic cone as a Christmas tree disguise in his quest to find a Christmas miracle and be spar For kids and parents who have already read this duo's Turkey Trouble the punchline to this story won't be quite as funny but, as before, the story is cute and the artwork humorous.