Sharing (Growing Up)

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Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft went public earlier this year, food delivery firm Postmates plans to file for an IPO in September, and Airbnb is targeting a debut. Once a niche corner of Silicon Valley, the sharing economy now features some of the buzziest names on Wall Street.

Growing Up in a LOW Income Family + Sharing a Piece of My Past....

Postmates has yet to achieve profitability and will unveil the details of its own cash-burning operations when it publishes its IPO documents. These losses reflect the giant wealth transfer at the heart of the sharing economy.

Sharing (Growing Up)

These companies have received generous funding from venture capitalists for years. They spend the money, among other things, on growth and expansion, often achieved through discounts that make their services more affordable to consumers.

Whose lifestyles are these venture capitalists subsidizing? It defined this as peer-to-peer online activity, such as taking or providing a ride in Uber, booking or renting a home on Airbnb, or buying or selling goods on Etsy. NTIA also found a stark difference between urban and non-urban consumers.

Little Evangelists: Growing Up Sharing Your Faith

The initiative offers evangelism training kits for kids ages and curriculum guidance for church leaders and teachers. And although many of the kids who participate are already Christian, stories of salvation continue to pour in. Check out Dare to be a Daniel on Facebook here.

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We grow Food. We grow Farmers. We grow Community.

Summer Camp with the Daniel Difference. Teaching Tweens to Share Their Testimonies. Give Menu.

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