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So far, more than countries and international organizations have signed BRI cooperation documents with China. Thanks to the BRI, eastern Africa has its own expressway, the Maldives has its first inter-island bridge, Belarus can produce sedans and the number of freight trains between China and Europe is on the rise.

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The once rusted Greek port of Piraeus has become one of the world's fastest-growing container terminals. Mahathir said the BRI is a great initiative with huge potential, which will not only help deal with the infrastructure and transport bottlenecks that are impeding the development of different countries, but also address the problem of unbalanced development among countries and promote cultural dialogue and exchanges.

Xi in his keynote speech called for focusing on eradicating poverty, increasing employment and improving people's livelihoods, so that the BRI would better benefit all people and make a tangible contribution to local economic and social development while ensuring commercial and financial sustainability.

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The practice has proven that the BRI is in line with the "strong desire of the people of all countries for a better life. In Pakistan, the once remote and quiet port of Gwadar is booming with urban construction, creating jobs that bring new hope for life. Streetlights now illuminate Myanmar's once dark streets in Kyau Pyo.

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Yet almost his first words were to say that the process he used to be involved in was not a process of negotiation, because there was no compromise. To be an effective negotiator you need to recognise when and how you need to use persuasion skills. This is likely to happen at points in the negotiation where you do not seem able to agree.

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It is also important to understand how to persuade effectively in these situations. In a global negotiation research project we asked respondents which persuasion strategy they would use in such a situation. The overall responses to the four options on offer are shown on the graph. The highest number voted for asking the other side to present their point of view; followed by asking questions.

The positive here is the relatively low number who would just present their own point of view.

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Logic is not persuasive! Click here to download the findings from the global negotiation report.

He is merely looking to understand their opinion so that he can use it against them to get the outcome he is looking for. Questions are powerful because they get the other side talking.

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But the real art of questioning lies in listening to what is said. This does not mean hanging onto every word. You are leaving with items in your cart.

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